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Image by Drew Beamer

event extras

beamz bubble.jpg

Bubble Machine

with Bubble Fluid

This is a lightweight bubble machine with a unique transparent casing that changes colour, due to built-in RGB LEDs, this will be the perfect choice for your next house party or event. It has a great bubble output from its powerful fan and continually rotating wand.

Simply, just add fluid into the tank at the front of the machine and then plug it in. The amazing bubbles will start almost instantly. And the transparent case with RGB LEDs will add an additional effect for your party or event. This product will "blow" you away, feeling like you're in a different world. 

Bubble machine with RGB LEDs
Red, Green and Blue colour mixing
Generates big bubbles throughout the room


Snow Machine

with Snow Fluid

Our Snow Machines are a versatile and reliable snow machine built into a white plastic housing with clean professional finish. This snow effect machine creates a realistic 'falling snow' effect with impressive output. On board LEDs provide a wash of colour that allows you to create stunning effects. 3-in-1 RGB LEDs with impressive output. Because of the lightweight and compact design it's easy to carry and use. Supplied with an easy to use wireless key-chain remote control . This machine is ideal for home party use and seasonal events like Christmas.


Smoke Machine

with Smoke Fluid

This Smoke Machine is a powerful 700Watt smoke machine with a 200mW red and green multi-point laser effect built-in. This unit is perfect for your next party or event and will amaze your guests with its effects. A Two-in-One product comprising a red and green laser in combination with a smoke machine creates a superb smoke production for smaller premises. The laser creates fabulous and exceptional star sky effects. By using this combination producing light effects is rapidly and effectively achieved. Comes with remote control and built-in fluid tank. Ideal for use in bars, clubs, at home etc.



Many different laser lights are available

We stock may different types of lights and laser lights. Contact us and let us know what your after and we'll see if we have what you're after.

ice fogger.jpg

Ice Fog Machine

with Fog Fluid

These Ice Fog Machines is a small low lying smoke machine that uses ice to cool the smoke. This low fogger produces a low hanging mist that creeps along the floor, great for special effects.

The machine uses normal smoke fluid and regular ice cubes to operate.

Simply add the ice cubes into the front ice chamber, and then operate the machine as you would a normal smoke machine.

Perfect for smaller dance floors, house parties and venues wanting to add something different to their set-up.

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