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yellow salt


Simple to Use

Three Button 8oz

Popcorn Machine

Quality Machines that cooks fast and

easy with the same Cinema Flavor

that we all love.

The Machine has 3 simple buttons:

1*Heat - This heats the Kettle and cooks a popcorn batch in as little as 3 minutes

2*Spin - Keeps the popcorn cooking evenly

3*Light - This lights up the unit but also heats the tray for the cooked Popcorn

to stay warm. 

The Machines look great and will fit in for any theme night you may be having.

              Intoxicating Aroma

Flavoured with our

delicious Butter Salt

Ever since the first domestication of corn over 9000 years ago in Mexico, humans have been addicted to Popcorns great

taste and intoxicating aroma.

Watching the corn burst, pop and fly

about in all directions is not only fun for

the young ones, but it brings out the

kid in all of us.

We supply all the ingredients including Kernels,

Cooking Oil,

Butter Salt and

Popcorn Serving Bags.

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