Quality Made

Single Bowl

Slushie Machines

These Machines are great. They can freeze the mix into slush in

as little as 45 minutes. On the

front you have an easy pour and release lever for the drinks, and a drip tray to keep the area

clean and sticky free. On the top you have a light box which lifts

up to pour in the water, syrup

and if necessary the alcohol.

The Machine  4 easy buttons

1 - Power - Turns the Machine on

2 - Soft Drink or Slush - Set to your preference

3 - Light - Turns the Machines top decal on

4 - Augur - Turns on the Machines Spinning Process.

               Delicious Flavours

Many Flavours

to choose from

(Always check availability with us first)


We Stock:

Blue Lemonade - Bubble Gum

Cola - Cosmopolitan

Fruit Tingle - Ginger Beer

Lemonade - Lemon Lime & Bitters

Lime - Mango

Margarita - Pina Colada

Pineapple - Raspberry

Strawberry - Tropical

Watermelon - Wild Berry

and many more...

Included in your hire:

Slushy Machine

Drip Tray


Spoon Straws

Choose 1 Flavour of Syrup

Hygiene Gloves

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